Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our 2011 Christmas Present to ourselves!

We were in need of a table so we splurged and had this made to fit our cute Little Kitchen.

Don't worry, it only took me 3 months to post this pic.

Our Christmas Present to ourselves!

Don't worry, it only took me 3 months to post this pic.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Update on our Busy LIttle Benson

Sorry there isn't any music, when i transfered it from youtube to here it didn't keep the music. But enjoy it with my blog music!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Benson is turning ONE!

I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Maybe you noticed that he is usually playing with the little black camera case... that's usually the only way i can get him to sit still for a photo! hee hee

Monday, August 8, 2011

We're Jammin!

Last Thursday and Friday, Mom, Nicole and I got together to restore the old fashioned tradition of making homemade jam. Not just any jam though.. Our famous Apricot Freezer Jam. Everybody who tastes this jam, loves it, so we were determined to make enough to last until next season. Last year, the jam was made from the apricots that grew on my tree in the backyard. Unfortunately no apricots grew this year, so we had to venture elsewhere. 10 hrs of hard labor (and i mean, HARD LABOR), 6 trips to the store for forgotten supplies, lots of dollar bills spent and we had finally accomplished our goal. A year supply of Apricot Freezer Jam. Wahoo!

We even had to get an extra freezer to fit it all!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


A few months ago we were sitting around with Jim's family chatting about preparing ourselves for the end of the world... Among many other tactics of self sufficiency and survival that were discussed, "chickens" caught Jimmy's interest and led to what we have now. After much contemplation of whether to get baby chicks, or just go for the chickens, we decided to pay a little more and have the work done for us...

Here is our chicken coop that we built using Max and Chloe's dog house.. sorry guys!

Now meet our chickens:

This is Granny, she was given to us just a few days ago by our neighbors.. she's getting pretty old and they had too many chickens i guess.. she is the only one old enough to lay eggs right now...

The Next two are named Frita and Frango (translated in Portuguese that means "Fried" and "Chicken") hee hee

We just refer to the others as the Jackson four.. I think you can guess why...
We were told this one might be a rooster.. don't tell anyone cause rooster's aren't allowed in Orem. Woops!

This afternoon i went out to take care of the Little flock and found a Little surprise..

Our first official egg
It's a bit smaller than a store bought egg, but we'll take what we can get!